Today, a sad choice has been made. I have switched from Winamp to iTunes (for the most part). This has been a decision for a variety of factors.

One of such factors has been lack of continued support for Winamp. Luckily, there is a great program, WACUP(Winamp Community Update Pack), but that isn’t the same as continused support. There has been no UI change. Which of these looks better:winamp v itunes

Winamp or iTunes? I’d choose the iTunes interface over Winamp any day. It is intuitive, and easy to use. The Winamp interface hasn’t been updated in years, and is cluttered and hard to find your way around.

Another reason is CD ripping. This is the real main factor in my move, the push. I have quite a few CDs, and wanted to move a some CDs onto my computer.

my stack of CDs
The Winamp way of doing this isn’t a fun process, but in iTunes, you just click, and it does it all for you. 

There are some smaller reasons I am going for iTunes, however. One more reason is the sorting, which is very easy in iTunes, you can easily customise the sorting. The playlists are a joy to use, and smart playlists can figure out what I want to listen to in a breeze. Even Genius works well. My integrates well, and that helps me further. The iTunes store is also another great reason, because honestly, I can’t always go down to the CD store. It also integrates well with my iPod, and it helps me delete duplicate songs.

Those are the reasons I am switching. I hope everything goes well, and if it does, I will be happy. If it doesn’t, I still have Winamp as a backup.